Lauren Starr; Candi Blows Hull Slag Goes Dogging

Hull Slag Lauren Starr aka Candi Blows out on her first dogging mission, loads of cocks waiting to be sucked off by this hot AF babe! Lauren sits on a rock and straight away starts sucking, 4 guys taking turns in her wet mouth including one large big black cock that Lauren seems to favour the most. After getting her taste of cock all the doggers gather round and start wanking. One guys jerks off and jizzes all in her eyes, the second all over her face and her leggings and finally the last two dudes cover her pretty face in huge loads. This Hull slag gets plastered head to toe in sperm!

Hull wife wants to be watched dogging

Now Hull has a very active Dogging community who regularly meet up in various parts of the city, with loads of good dogging locations to choose from it is no wonder that Hull is one of the UK’s favourite dogging hot spots. Now for most people the fun in dogging is taking part but I must confess that being a voyeur is also lots of fun, I mean just imagine how exciting it is to walk up to a a car in a dogging hot spot and watch a horny couple get naked and make out right in front of you, it’s just so awesome and only gets better when invited to join in the fun by the sexy women in the car, Mind you there is one dogging occasion that really stands out in my mind where this blokes wife wanted to be watched dogging, I was standing on the edge of a well know car park quite close to the city center late one night, there where already a few cars there with the occupants getting down to some fun, when I noticed the door open on one of the cars and a woman lean out and look around, she saw me and beckoned me over I wasted no time in getting to that car I thought I was in for a good night, and boy I wasn’t wrong. Continue reading “Hull wife wants to be watched dogging”